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Heavy equipment specialist

Voghel is a renowned company specializing in the sale and maintenance of heavy equipment for the environment and construction fields.

Idylliq steps in at a time when the company wants to elevate its corporate image, already well established, to a higher level.



The logo

Voghel already has a well-established logo. The global identity, however, is lacking in consistency and could be maximized in order to increase the notoriety of the company. An approach to create a range of standards and graphic elements is started.


brand guideline

For a company like Voghel, that has the ambition to be a leader in its field in Quebec, it is essential to have a well-established and respected the brand guideline. It significantly improved the perception of the quality of the products and service of the company and helps the clientele to be more inclined to recognize and retain the messages of the company.

graphic elements


The Voghel V symbole is taken to create a pattern. This will be used later to dress the various designs and give a more personal style to the brand.

Arrows, symbols, buttons, etc.

Various graphic déclinaisons are created in order to give more character and personality to the brand and to create a consistency in the communication both inside and outside the company.

Logo symbol as frame

Voghel’s identity relies heavily on the letter V which is used as the ultimate symbol of the brand. Idylliq innovates by adding it a creative touch and using it in various ways.


Initially, the website of Voghel was obsolete both visually, technically and informatively. The goal of creating a new platform ; improve the aesthetics, the structure, and mechanism of the website to maximize its utility and impact.

Idylliq rethinks the entire website to make it simple to navigate for the user who searches for information, whether on the company or on a specific machine. Of course, great importance is given to the look of the website and its consistency to the brand identity. As a result, the website is exactly what Voghel was looking for and its performances has increased significantly. It is also now use as major sales tools.



Ads are designed to put various messages forward. These ads will be used in newsletters, social media, specialty magazines, or as tools for sellers.

Corporate brochure

The corporate brochure remains an essential communication tool complementary to digital. It’s a strong and high-end way to leave a mark in a face-to-face meeting with a potential customer. Voghel’s corporate brochure is carefully crafted to the last details in order to be attractive, professional and complete.

Naviguate through the brochure

technical brochure

This booklet will become the tool by excellence for the sales persons who work within the company. Its purpose is mainly technical, it wants to present product information in a clear and effective way.

Navigate through the brochure

social media

Facebook & Linkedin Banners

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