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Formerly La Roche Des Brises, the estate located in St-Joseph-du-Lac is transformed in 2017 to become La Bullerie, the first Quebec winery specializing in sparkling wines.

Idylliq enters into action as soon as the vineyard is purchased and is behind its overall marketing-communication strategy.

The logo

Since La Bullerie is a brand new company, identity is really at the heart of the marketing communication strategy. Through brainstorming and analysis, the main positioning of the company is defined; it is a Quebec vineyard specialized in sparkling wines.

The conceptualization of the logo by Idylliq stems of course from this established positioning and proposes modern and festive logos that reminds the roundness of bubbles in the sparkling wine.

Champagne bubbles

Various graphic declinaisons are created in order to give more character and personality to the brand and to create a consistency in the communication, both inside and outside the company.

Brand guideline

Typographies and colors are carefully selected; white, champagne and navy blue will be put forward for an identity that is both professional and alive.

Simplicity and lightness are essential in the design of the website of La Bullerie by Idylliq. We aspire to a platform that is fast and efficient, simple and light, informative and attractive.


The overall idea of ​​this beautiful project is to conceptualize a woman according to the specific characteristics of each wine produced by the vineyard. A total of 6 labels are created.


The wine:
Sweet wine with fine bubbles and a golden color. Mineral with slight aromas of apple and lavender. A wine respectful of the Quebec terroir. Interesting as an aperitif.

The woman:
Natural beauty, humble, gentle, confident, free, simple.

her colors:
White, lilac, pale pink, gold.


The wine:
Sparkling wine with a purplish-red color, with hints of red fruits and cassis. Like a candy, it has a pleasant freshness.

The woman:
Glamorous, pin-up, sexy, fun, flamboyant.

Her colors:
Candy pink, bright red.


The wine:
Semi-dry sparkling wine with a light red color. Subtle bitterness, hints of strawberries and raspberries. Surprising and versatile.

The woman:
Charismatic, captivating, mysterious, strong and seductive.

Her colors:
Black, dark red, purple.


The wine:
Semi-dry white wine with subtle citrus aromas

The woman:
Refreshing, radiant, simple and smiling.

Her colors:
Yellow, white and green.


The wine:
Wearing a purple robe, fortified red wine with typical aromas of port, fruit such as plum and fig.

The woman:
Coquette, sweet, happy, maternal.

Her colors:
Red, pink, pastel colors.


The wine: Sweet wine with aromas of wild berries, supported by a note of spices.

The woman:
Thoughtful, strong, sparkling beauty, calm.

Her colors:
Blue & white.


Photography is a powerful way to shape our ideas and influence behavior. Updated, high quality photos are essential to bring out the best of this type of business, among other things, on the web.


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