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Innovation, performance and value creation in real estate

DEVCA Immobilier is a specialized company in real estate investment, development and management in residential and commercial projects. The mission of DEVCA is to find great investment opportunities that creates value.

Right from the early days of the company, Idylliq took care of the marketing.  We created a branding that represents well the diligent work of DEVCA.

Logo and graphic charter

The logo of a company expresses its commitment to do business in the long run. The DEVCA logo has a strong calligraphy that reflects the quality of its property portfolio.

The chosen color in shades of blue and green demonstrates the propension of the company to invest in sustainable projects.


Graphic Design

Since DEVCA is building a solid brand image, a selection of fine stationery products was created as well as business documentation about the company.

  • Business cards
  • Corporate brochures
  • Stationery
  • Posters


real estate project

Idylliq thinks and designs an attractive and effective brochure to promote the rental of commercial spaces for a new real estate project in Joliette.



A corporate brochure is created to promote the international influence of the company, especially in Benin, Africa.


Web site

Graphic elements

Various graphic declinaisons are created in order to give more character and personality to the brand and to create a consistency in the communication both inside and outside the company.

Project presentation

It is essential for the company to present its real estate projects effectively.
To this end, Idylliq designs an attractive, simple platform, highlighting the key information of each project.
The Devca website is the hub of the company, being the ultimately tool accessed by investors or potential partners.

The Web is a profitable space for any company who is confident in its own products and services. Since DEVCA has that confidence, Idylliq created a website that is a showcase of the different real estate services the company has to offer. With this website, DEVCA is all set to expose present and future projects.

We are proud of this web design because it represents well the clean, professional and serious business profile of DEVCA.

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